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Our mission is simple: Create a better recruit & retain experience for organizations and their constituents that enables growth.

Who we are

Grit Seed is a software startup based in Buffalo NY that is on a mission to help organizations change how they recruit and retain people using the power of texting, videos and mobile experiences.

Grit Seed creates a seamless and convenient experience for candidates, students, members, alumni and others to engage more effectively.

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Our Beliefs

At Grit Seed, we believe that everyone that expresses interest in a job, school or member organization should be given a fair and consistent chance.

- Resumes can't represent a person.
- Transcripts can't represent a person.
- Every applicant for a job, school or organization should be given a chance to tell their story of why they are the right fit.

Grit Seed is the platform to help them tell their stories.

How we work

We work with organizations who want to create a better recruit and retain experience for candidates, employees, students, alumni and members.

Organizations use the Grit Seed software platform to create a frictionless experience for their constituents.

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