Grit is the new resume! Hire for passion, perseverance & potential

Hire Using Resumes?

Resume may give you a summary of a candidate’s background but not much more. How will the candidate perform at the job? Will (s)he work well with others? Does (s)he have a growth mindset? Will they be able to accept challenges and persevere?

Hire Using Job Descriptions?

In this tight labor market do job descriptions accurately portray your company, culture, people and opportunity? Will that attract top talent? We believe there is a better way to personalize your brand, communicate and engage with candidates.

Hire Using Keywords?

Instead of searching through stacks of candidate resumes and being selective about who to call for a phone screen, automatically give everyone a chance to show you why they are the right fit for the job.

How is your company’s candidate experience? Does that attract top talent?

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Automate your Recruiting Workflow

Are you hiring from the same talent pool as everyone else? Get more diverse talent by widening your talent acquisition net

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