Listen to your employees. How?

Text them. Make it easy!

Most effective way to engage

Ask when it matters and use the power of texting to engage. Schedule personalized messages. Collect valuable insights. Take action and keep you employees updated effectively.

End of year surveys are too little too late

Engage regularly, keep it simple & short. Employees are much more likely to give feedback at key points in their lifecycle. Once a year, one size fits all surveys can lead to survey overload, slow response times and extraordinary effort to process the results

Create a culture of transparency and authenticity. Embrace diversity.

Deliver video messages over texting, collect authenticate responses from employees. Allow anonymous responses. If texting is a concern for non-exempt employees, use tablet based polls in the workplace.

Engage & Retain Employees

Use the power of texting, videos and mobile to connect and engage

Engage when it matters. Not using annual surveys!
Promote diversity by embracing authenticity
Take action, communicate results
Reduce employee attrition
Encourage employee referrals through texting
Share videos and create transparency

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