Your competition wants the same talent!

Use texting to reach the talent first!

Recruit Faster, Retain Better using Texting

Leverage texting automation and trigger workflow that is easy for your team to manage throughout the recruiting life cycle. Use videos to educate, inform and engage.

People are more than resumes.

Give everyone a chance to show you who they are and what they can do. Save time, create opportunity, save money and most importantly give everyone the same consistent chance.

Create highly efficient workflows

Automate interview scheduling, zero in on the right talent, leverage texting templates and so much more for the recruiter and hiring managers to work together.

Recruit Students

Use the power of texting, videos and mobile to connect and engage

Reduce Candidate Drop Offs
Get More Candidates
Prevent Apply & Wait
Reduce Employee Attrition
Increase Employee Engagement
Take Actions on What Matters

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