Conveniently check in & screen your visitors using texting.

Contactless, simple & a great first impression!

No shared kiosks, pens, papers. Reduce cross-contamination

Visitors use their own cellphones to check in. Completely contactless and seamless. As soon as the visitor checks in, their contact is notified via text.

Reduce costs & manage risk

Avoid complex check in kiosks and reduce personnel costs. Be up and running in minutes! Ask relevant questions, upload ID pictures securely over text messaging. Log everything for compliance.

Manage COVID related and other questionnaires seamlessly

Ask COVID related and other questionnaires quickly. Take actions based on the responses. Flag responses and trigger exceptions and workflows. Show policy videos.

Checkin & Engage Visitors

Use the power of texting, videos and mobile to connect and engage

Completely contactless and friction free! No apps, tablets!
Show company policy videos
Flag exceptions and take action
Realtime visitor analytics
Notify employees using text. Automatically!
Wow visitors with a positive 1st impression!

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